How OEM advertising works

Meet OEM, the intelligent solution for user acquisition. Expand your reach and deliver your app directly to the screens of precisely targeted users through on-device app displays, matched based on behavioral data and your KPIs. Leap ahead of the competition by being the very first app users see on their devices.

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Technology we use

Leveraging our in-house development, we efficiently acquire high volumes of traffic with exceptional performance. Our proprietary tools empower us to optimize traffic acquisition, ensuring a successful and impactful campaign.

Our Goal

  • Empower mobile app developers to attract paying users effortlessly.
  • Present only relevant and visually stunning ads to phone owners.
  • Achieve millions of users with just one click.

The Challenge

Develop the most user-friendly and streamlined OEM platform, and achieve global excellence in attracting paying users through OEM. Stand out as the best in the world with our cutting-edge approach.

Pre-Installed Campaigns

Stay ahead of the competition and instantly reach new mobile users as a pre-installed "featured" app.

Your app will come pre-installed on Android devices in various locations.

With just a simple tap, campaigns convert as soon as a user opens the app for the first time.

On-Device Recommendation Engine Campaigns

Expand your reach and acquire users beyond traditional advertising methods by delivering your app through OS recommendation engines.

Your app will be showcased as a "recommended" option on users' app vaults and browsers, directly on their devices.

With just 2 taps, campaigns convert once a user installs the app for the first time.

Accelerate app installations and enhance your app's loyal user-base through this groundbreaking ad model.

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Be the first app your users see through exclusive OEM ad placements