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Elevating Entertainment App Success with OEM Traffic

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2022 - 2023
Entertainment App
6 Months

Campaigns Results


Increase in Retention Rate.


New Users Acquired .


Increase in Conversion Rate to Paying Users.

The Challenge

Our client, a USA-based Entertainment App, faced multiple challenges:

- A need for more users, focusing on in-app monetization, and increasing user engagement within the app to boost in-app advertising revenue.
- A lack of expertise in utilizing OEM traffic sources and a lack of trusted partners in this domain.
- The necessity to test different approaches to gain insights into the effectiveness of OEM sources for their business.
- A limited timeframe and a small in-house team to manually test each OEM source.


  • Leveraging our all-in-one OEM AI-powered solution, the client was able to launch their campaign in less than a week, with campaign setup taking less than an hour to select the most promising sources.
  • The initial results quickly identified the most impactful sources for app scaling, and the campaign ran continuously for 6 months.
  • Our client's team gained valuable knowledge about OEM traffic sources and successfully drove traffic to meet their target KPIs, thanks to the AI-driven approach and actionable insights provided by our platform.


- Significant growth in the number of new app users, with a notably high conversion rate to subscriptions compared to other traffic sources.
- Impressive user retention rates were achieved.
- Increased brand awareness and added substantial value to both the brand and business profits.
- Marked improvements in overall traffic activity, showcasing the effectiveness of utilizing OEM traffic sources.

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