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Food Delivery App - Driving Success Through AI-Powered Campaigns

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2022 - 2023
Food Delivery App
10 Months

Campaigns Results


Increase in the Number of Orders Within the App.


Achieved and Sustained Return on Investment (ROI).

The Challenge

Our client, a prominent Food Delivery App in Europe, faced several critical challenges:

- Attracting new, fraud-free traffic sources.
- Converting more users into paying customers within the app.
- Boosting overall sales.


  • Utilized our platform's advanced segmentation and optimization tools to acquire fresh traffic from OEM sources, while identifying the most effective channels for optimal results.
  • Implemented microsegmentation strategies within our platform to precisely target audiences tailored to the app's unique offerings, resulting in an increased number of paying customers.
  • Automated campaign management processes, providing our client with clear and stress-free insights into campaign performance.
  • Offered detailed reports featuring comprehensive statistics for each campaign, ensuring transparency and ease of interpretation.


Our client leveraged OEM traffic sources effectively over the 10-month period, exploring various sources available on our platform. Our AI-driven approach provided:

- Precise traffic segmentation
- Creative assistance
- Intelligent budget control

This holistic strategy allowed our client to achieve their business objectives while closely monitoring expenditures and profits. As a result, they experienced significant success and growth in their food delivery app, highlighting the power of data-driven decision-making.

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