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Captivating a New Era of Success - OEM Marketing for a Global Midcore Games Developer

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2022 - 2023
Games / Midcore
1.5+ years

Campaigns Results


New Users Acquired.


Exceptionally High New-User Loyalty Rate for Midcore Games.


Impressive Return on Investment (ROI).

The Challenge

Our client, a renowned global developer of midcore mobile games, faced a set of formidable challenges:

Diversifying User Acquisition: With a well-established midcore hit game boasting over 5 years of success, the challenge was to find a new and scalable traffic source for acquiring fresh users. Conventional traffic channels had been exhaustively leveraged for years.

User Engagement and Retention: A pivotal campaign objective was to engage new users actively, nurturing a vibrant in-game community and retaining high-value "whale" players (those who spend $1,000 or more in the game). Achieving a high loyalty rate proved to be a daunting KPI.

ROI Balancing Act: The secondary KPI was to ensure a positive ROI within the acquired user cohort, a feat challenging to achieve in the context of the demanding primary KPI. This called for striking a delicate balance in in-game economics.

UA Expertise Gap: The absence of in-house expertise and UA specialists to explore and effectively harness OEM traffic sources added complexity to the challenge.


  • Our approach was anchored in expertise, innovation, and data-driven strategies:
  • Strategic Blueprint: Leveraging substantial experience in gaming projects and big data analysis, our team meticulously crafted a comprehensive step-by-step pipeline and OEM UA strategy, precisely aligned with the advertiser's goals.
  • Execution Excellence: the AI-powered engine of our platform executed the strategy, methodically testing a broad spectrum of aggregated OEM traffic sources. Real-time performance monitoring and continuous optimization ensured alignment with the advertiser's KPIs and budget.


The campaign delivered tangible and transformative results:

Expansive User Growth: We achieved substantial growth in new user acquisition at scale, injecting fresh life into the client's long-standing midcore hit.

KPI Triumph: Both the demanding primary KPI of exceptionally high user loyalty and the secondary KPI of maintaining a positive ROI were not only met but exceeded.

ROI Excellence: The ROI levels achieved surpassed expectations, reinforcing the campaign's financial viability.

Gateway to Quality Traffic: Our client gained access to a new, high-quality traffic source, providing a renewed lease of life to their enduring gaming gem.

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