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Accelerating Expansion and Triumph in Ride-Hailing User Acquisition

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2022 - 2023
1.5+ years

Campaigns Results

1 mln

New Users Acquired.


Conversion Rate to Registration (Remarkable for Emerging Markets).


Conversion Rate to Passenger.

The Challenge

Our globally operating ride-hailing app client embarked on a strategic expansion into the highly competitive markets of Southeast Asia (SEA) and Latin America (LATAM). This expansion presented a series of multifaceted challenges:

New Traffic Source: The need to identify a reliable traffic source to complement their existing UA efforts on conventional platforms during their LATAM and SEA market expansion.

Scaling UA: The imperative to intensify user acquisition efforts to surpass competitors and establish a strong market presence quickly.

KPI Mastery: The commitment to maintain key performance indicators (KPIs), with a CR (Conversion Rate) to registration exceeding 70% and CR to passenger exceeding 17%.

Cost Efficiency: Achieving target Cost Per Install (CPI) without compromising on user quality.

Volume Demands: Meeting the daily volume requirements of new users while optimizing resource allocation for available drivers.

Unified UA: Coordinating and managing the daily volume and performance of OEMs alongside other advertising sources employed by the advertiser.


  • Synchronized UA: We devised a methodology to seamlessly integrate the client's in-house UA efforts with our AI platform engine. This "pairing" allowed for a harmonious collaboration and the achievement of the advertiser's objectives.
  • Preliminary Testing: Our AI-driven platform initiated preliminary tests across various OEM sources to assess their suitability for the advertiser's specific needs.
  • Full-Scale OEM Campaigns: Upon successful preliminary testing, our AI launched comprehensive OEM UA campaigns to support the advertiser's expansion into new markets. These campaigns were marked by real-time performance monitoring, meticulous optimization, and seamless alignment with the advertiser's UA activities on other traffic sources.


The campaign yielded transformative outcomes:

Market Expansion: The advertiser's ride-hailing app made a resounding entry into and expansion within the new markets of SEA and LATAM.

KPI Excellency: Both hard and soft KPIs, including the demanding CR to registration and CR to passenger, were not just met but exceeded.

Cost-Effective Growth: The target CPI was achieved within the required daily user volume, preserving user quality and cost efficiency.

In the dynamic ride-hailing landscape, our OEM-powered user acquisition strategy not only propelled market entry but also facilitated an unmatched competitive edge. The synchronization of AI-driven precision with the advertiser's in-house expertise unlocked new horizons of growth and triumph.

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